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Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine
by Gail Honeyman

PBR Review Eleanor is unique or maybe I should say odd or damaged, but her story is moving. She loves routine. She also loves crossword puzzles, pizza and vodka. As a child her mother constantly told her she was ugly and she also suffered the kind of trauma that is difficult to rationalize and impossible to forget, which is most likely the cause of her social awkwardness and inability to relate to others.

Then a few unexpected events create fissures in Eleanorís small world, enough to make her think about changing. Slowly, she begins to re-create herself and ultimately realizes she can let other people into her life.

Her journey, her warm quirky personality and the people she meets along the way merge together for a heartwarming, enchanting read. Recommend this gem of a debut novel.Back.
Talking Points: Eleanors journey sheds light on mental illness, depression, survivor guilt and how judgmental people can be. It also highlights emotional abuse, physical abuse and child neglect. Society would be all the better to remember some scars are not visible and kindness works wonders. It may also be interesting to debate where Eleanor is on the Autism spectrum, if at all.
PBR Reader Comments:
A winner. If you liked A Man call Ove or the Rosie Project itís a must read. Eleanorís personality is delightful and her journey is inspiring.
by-Linda 2017/07/11, 03:27 PM

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