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Ginny Moon
by Benjamin Ludwig

PBR Review Ginny Moon’s character redefines what it means to be brave. After suffering a lot of physical and emotional abuse, Social Services finally deems her druggie mother unfit and Ginny is placed in foster care. However, some things just can’t be put back together again and for this 14 year old, the damage is done. To further complicate things, Ginny is Autistic. You don’t have to be an expert to know that special care is needed for people with this disorder. She is challenging for sure, but she is also amazing; guard your heart because Ginny Moon and her unique perception of the world is going to sneak in and steal it. I loved this well–written engaging story. Highly recommend.Back.
Talking Points: This author does a fantastic job of giving the reader insight into the world of an Autistic child as well as the patience and understanding necessary by anyone who is a part of this childs life. The book also deals with birth parents and adoptive parents. I thought the relationship between Ginny and her forever mom is especially discussion worthy. Other topics include: special needs children at home and school, abusive mothers and social services.
PBR Reader Comments:
Living with Autism is hard for everyone involved and can be challenging. But don’t just read this book for insights on this condition – read it for the unusual delightful character of Ginny Moon and her journey to finding an adoptive family that has the understanding and compassion to see her true spirit. Highly recommend.
by-Linda 2017/07/11, 03:26 PM

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