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Lilli De Jong
by Janet Benton

PBR Review This is an intense story about Lilli, a young unwed mother in the late 1800s. Times were challenging for her, fiercely challenging; as she had so few options open to her. Lilli ended up in the Philadelphia Haven for Women and Infants. The woman running this place had the best of intentions, but funds were short which meant less than satisfactory conditions, resulting in abuse and misunderstandings. It bewilders me to think that a young girl with her whole life ahead of her is essentially ruined if she chooses to keep her child or even if knowledge of her pregnancy becomes known. Lilli’s journey is both shocking and incredible as she tries to overcome a series of hurdles, hardships and humiliating experiences – with very little support and shunned by most.Back.
Talking Points: The main topic is that of an unwed mother; a powerful story of a mother and her child and the overwhelming burden society places on young girls in this condition. There is also much to discuss about the role of women and the class differences that existed. Without support from family, friends or society, daily life is all consuming for Lilly.
PBR Reader Comments:
A remarkable debut, a compelling look at the lack of support from family, friends and society for unwed mothers in the late 1800s and an intense look at the role of women in this era.
by-Linda 2017/10/24, 01:44 PM

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