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The Vengeance of Mothers
by Jim Fergus

PBR Review I read Jim Fergusís first book, One Thousand White Woman. I loved it and knew the sequel was a must read. I finished this wonderful page-turner in two sittings. Donít worry too much if you havenít read the first book; you will thoroughly enjoy The Vengeance of Mothers regardless.

I loved the premise of this book; the US trades horses from the Cheyenne Indians for white women; the Brides for Indians program" a failed initiative, meant to help assimilate the Native Americans into white society.

This story is about the second wave of women traded to the Indians and takes place during a turbulent time in history; the US government is expanding its territories and is on a mission to eliminate the Indian population. The story looks at what happens after the army attacks a tribe and among the causalities are the children and husbands of white women. The surviving women are on a mission of revenge. Their journey is fascinating and does not shed a favorable light on the US government or army. I did not want this book to end.Back.
Talking Points: The consequences of vengeance and the absurdity of the actions of the US government as well as the treatment of females and Native Americans all play a prominent role in this book. It is also interesting to see and contrast the different values of the Native Americans versus the White population during this era. The story examines taking chances and finding a new way of life and the depth of love a mother has for her child.
PBR Reader Comments:
An amazing read. Itís set in the late 1800s and shows how the US government mistreated women and Native Americans . The women in this story are strong and inspiriting, and the premise is unique. What happens when you give white women to Cheyenne and Arapo Indians to try to assimilate the Indians into the white culture?
by-Linda 2017/11/06, 05:24 PM

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