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Glory Over Everything
by Kathleen Grissom

PBR Review I was a big fan of this this author’s THE KITCHEN HOUSE, so when I read Glory Over Everything picks up where that story left off, I was thrilled and couldn’t wait to read it. Glory Over Everything is a story that follows James Pyke and how, after escaping slavery at a young age, he came to live as white man enjoying life as one of Philadelphia’s elite.

This story is gripping and shows the far reaching effects of slavery, including the stigma it carries long after the shackles are removed. Parts of this story are heart wrenching and other parts illuminating and thought provoking as James struggles with his identity and moral obligations. This is an emotionally charged book that is also inspirational. RecommendBack.
Talking Points: It is sad but also telling that a black man, fair skinned enough to live as a white man, struggles with who he is and is conflicted on what path to take as he continues to hide the secret of his parentage. This book will bring to light the issues of racism that continue to exist in our country and explores some tough questions about racial attitudes and prejudices.
PBR Reader Comments:
This is a beautifully written emotional story about slavery from the author of The Kitchen House. It’s intense and a feast for those who love historical fiction. It tells the story of a fair skinned black man living as a white man and the demons he fights as he struggles with right and wrong and moral obligations. Recommend.
by-Linda 2017/11/25, 05:52 PM

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