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If The Creek Don't Rise
by Leah Weiss

PBR Review IF THE CREEK DONíT RISE is an in-depth portrayal of life in the Appalachian Mountains. I love character-driven novels, and all I can say is this one is fabulous. Itís page-turning, but itís not only the tension and suspense driving you to keep reading; itís that Leah Weiss captures the nuances of these deeply flawed people; their prejudices, their willingness to accept their dire circumstances, and their disdain for anything new. Highly recommend. Excellent book club book.Back.
Talking Points: The females in this story are diverse and strong but they do not always do the right thing. There is a cycle of violence, domestic abuse, and subjugation that seems to be an accepted part of this culture. Outsiders and change are rejected.
PBR Reader Comments:
Raw, gritty characters and a strong sense of time and place in this poignant story of life in the 1970s Appalachian Mountains. A must read for anyone who likes character driven stories.
by-Linda 2018/01/28, 01:52 PM

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