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White Chrysanthemum
by Mary Lynn Bracht

PBR Review I’ve read a lot of World War II books, most detailing abominable acts against humanity. So, I was a bit surprised that I did not know about the events happening in this book. Be warned; this story portrays much evil and suffering, unthinkable things that happened when Korea was under Japanese occupation during WWII.

Hana is just 16 years old when Japanese soldiers kidnap and force her to become a “comfort woman” in an army brothel. She and the others, some as young as 12 years old, are raped and abused over and over every day. Emi, Hana's sister is left behind and spends her life in torment, searching for her sister. I also loved reading about the haenyeo, women divers in South Korea, who prided themselves on being strong and independent. I am always in awe of strong, brave , women.

This is a gripping and important story that needs to be told; so much to learn.Back.
Talking Points: The book is beautifully written, but deals with some tough issues. Aside from the mental and physical abuses the kidnapped women suffered, there is also the family left behind and how they cope with the pain and grief of not knowing the fate of their loved ones. The traditions and strength of the Haenyeo women is also noteworthy as is the despicable acts of the soldiers.
PBR Reader Comments:
A young women is taken by a Japanese soldier to become a comfort woman, which is a sex slave. Sounds like fiction, but the story is based on things that really happened during WWII when the Japanese occupied Korea. Recommend for historical fiction lovers.
by-Linda 2018/02/08, 11:42 PM

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