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The Orphans Tale
by Pam Jenoff

PBR Review The premise of this book is not unusual, at least if you read a lot of historical fiction about WWI. And, yes this is a story about the Nazis, but their presence is muted in this tale. It does not mitigate the heinousness or the enormity of their violation against humankind; it simply means they hover in the background for a lot of the book. Even so, the fear of them is still palpable.

This is a tale about a traveling German circus, which hid some Jews from the Nazis, it is a beautifully written story of friendship, love and survival and also a tale that is sad and uplifting. I liked the unique perspective and learning yet more ways that brave people risked their lives trying to do the right thing and also more of the heartless ways of the Reich. Recommend.Back.
Talking Points: Taking place during WWII, a time of unpredictability and danger, the story highlights events impacting both Germans and Jews. It tells of the bravery of many, events that divide and separate families and horrific acts by the Germans. The tale will cause you to question your own bravery and inner strength. This is also a story of love, grieving for what is lost and healing.
PBR Reader Comments:
An emotional story of two women who start out with a prickly relationship but develop an incredible bond as they attempt to survive the war. It touches on the reality of the many people separated and orphaned by the war and the brave acts of those who helped them.
by-Linda 2018/02/27, 11:13 PM

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