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Little Broken Things
by Nicole Baart

PBR Review If you like light suspenseful stories, with some family drama tossed in, this is the book for you. I found the writing style and plotting similar to Liane Moriarty and Jojo Moyes,so those who love these two, should jump right in and give this book a try. The story is straightforward; it explores a dysfunctional family and how decisions they individually make can have a dominos effect. It is also a story of a mothers love for her child and the journey to mending a broken family.Back.
Talking Points: This is an interesting combination of psychological suspense and family drama. The story goes into abuse, drugs, sexual assault and the dynamics of dysfunctional family relationships. Relationships that are filled with tension, emotion, and secrets.
PBR Reader Comments:
An intriguing book with many secrets to discover and some clever plotting; this is a book that is suspenseful, tugs at your emotions, and is filled with family drama. Perfect for those that enjoy light engaging read.
by-Linda 2018/02/27, 10:58 PM

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