by Chris Bohjalian
From The Jacket:In the pastoral community of Reddington, Vermont, during the harsh winter of 1981, Sibyl Danforth makes a lifeordeath decision based on fifteen years of experience as a respected midwife a decision intended to save a child, a decision that will change her life forever. In the midst of a brutally cold night, cut off from the area hospital and even from the rescue squad by an ice storm that has downed phone lines and made roads impassable, Sibyl Danforth feels she has no alternative except to attempt to save the baby of a woman in her care who she fears has died of a stroke during a long and difficult labor. Later that day, however, the midwife's assistant tells the police that she believes the mother was still very much alive when the cesarean section was performed in the cold and isolated farmhouse.
A very believable well researched story. Chris Bohialain’s writing style was outstanding throughout this well plotted story; the book was hard to put down at times. The topic of midwifery and all its legal and moral implications makes for great discussion, varied opinions and also a great read. Get your emotional armor out for this one.
by-Lyn 2009/04/05, 07:22 AM
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