The Kills
by Linda Fairstein
From The Jacket:Manhattan Assistant D.A. Alexandra Cooper is working feverishly on a tough trial, seeking justice for investment banker Paige Vallis. But in a heated "he said, she said" case, Alex learns that Paige herself has something to hide. Uptown, the murder of an elderly woman with an intriguing past has NYPD officer Mercer Wallace and detective Mike Chapman hunting for an item of stunning value that may have cost McQueen Ransome her life a legendary Double Eagle gold coin. The twisting threads of the seemingly unrelated tragedies soon entangle Alex in a life anddeath struggle in the watery inlets of New Jersey known as the Kills...where a violent predator is determined to silence her forever.
This was a great audio book. Easy listening and intriguing story. If you like Patrica Cornwell you will enjoy Linda Fairstein. Part of the Alexander Cooper Series The Kills is suspenseful and unpredictable. From start to finish it kept my interest with different threads and great characters. I look forward to more of the series.
by-Andrea 2009/05/05, 08:56 AM

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