by Tana French
From The Jacket:Six months after the events of In the Woods, Detective Cassie Maddox is still recovering. Transferred out of Dublinís Murder squad at her own request, she vows never to return. That is, until her boyfriend, Detective Sam OíNeill, calls her one beautiful spring morning, urgently asking her to come to a murder scene in the small town of Glenskehy.It isnít until Cassie sees the body that she understands Samís insistence. The dead girl is Cassieís double, and she carries ID identifying her as Alexandra Madison, an alias Cassie herself used years ago when she worked undercover. The question becomes not only who killed this girl, but who was this girl?Frank Mackey, Cassieís former undercover boss, sees the opportunity of a lifetime. Having played Lexie Madison once before, Cassie is in the perfect position to take her place. The police will tell the media and Lexieís four housemates that the stab wound wasnít fatal. And Cassie will go on living Lexieís life until the killer is lured out to finish off the job.Itís a brilliant idea, until Cassie finds herself more emotionally involved in Lexieís life than she anticipated. Sharing the ramshackle old Whitethorn House with Lexieís strange, tight knit group of university friends, Cassie is slowly seduced by the victimís way of life, by the thought of working on a murder investigation again, and by the mystery of the victim herself. As Cassie nears the truth about what happened to Lexie Madison and who she really was, the lines between professional and personal, work and play, reality and fantasy become desperately tangled, and Cassie finds herself on the edge of losing herself forever
I thought this book was better than "In The Woods"
by-Beth 2009/06/21, 07:34 AM
I read Tana French's debut novel "In The Woods" and loved it despite not getting the closure I wanted; I couldn't wait for her next novel. Maybe I was expecting too much but I thought "Likeness" lacked the edge that her debut novel had. It is still an excellent read with great police work and Tana French's exquisite writing style; The characters are strong and believable. I just felt that it lacked the suspense a mystery should have and was slow at times. I give it a 3.5
by-Lyn 2009/05/14, 08:23 PM
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