A Mistress's Daughter
by A M Holmes
non fiction
From The Jacket:An acclaimed novelist's memoir about what it means to be adopted and how all of us construct our sense of self and family. Before A.M. Homes was born, she was put up for adoption. Her birth mother was a 22 year old single woman having an affair with a much older married man. Thirty years later, her birth parents came looking for her. Holmes, renowned for the psychological accuracy and intensity of her storytelling, tells how they made contact with her, what happened next, and what she was able to reconstruct about the story of their lives. Her birth mother, a complex and lonely woman, never married or had another child, and died in 1998. Years later, Homes opened boxes of her mother's memorabilia, hoping to know her secrets, but no relief came. She then became obsessed with finding out as much as she could about all four parents and their families
I really enjoyed listening to this book on audio. It was very descriptive and was spot on with conveying the emotions she felt. She draws you in to this story. Although I am not adopted, I feel I have a better understanding of some of the voids an adopted person would experience. I will definitely look for more books by her.
by-Andrea 2009/06/09, 03:57 PM
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