Forty Words For Sorrow
by Giles Blunt
From The Jacket:The discovery of the body of a supposed thirteen year old runaway and the disappearance of another youngster in the rural town of Algonquin Bay force local cops John Cardinal and his new partner, Lisa Delorme, into a desperate search for a possible serial
Extremely well developed characters and a wickedly evil villain. I watch LAW and Order so it was a little predictable;as many know Giles Blunt was a staff writer for Law and Order
by-Sandy 2009/07/05, 03:16 PM
This is the debut novel of Giles Blunt and it definitely will not be the last one I read. It was fast paced and full of suspense, with strong characters and plot. Beware, A little gruesome at times (nature of the beast I guess it's a thriller!!)
by-Lyn 2009/06/30, 02:58 PM
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