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True Colors
by Kristen Hannah
From The Jacket:“True Colors” is New York Times bestselling author Kristin Hannah's most provocative, compelling, and heart wrenching story yet. With the luminous writing and unforgettable characters that are her trademarks, she tells the story of three sisters whose once solid world is broken apart by jealousy, betrayal, and the kind of passion that rarely comes along. The Grey sisters have always been close. After their mother's death, the girls banded together, becoming best friends. Their stern, disapproving father cares less about his children than about his reputation. To Henry Grey, appearances are everything, and years later; he still demands that his daughters reflect his standing in the community. Winona, the oldest, needs her father's approval most of all. An overweight bookworm who never felt at home on the sprawling horse ranch that has been in her family for three generations, she knows that she doesn't have the qualities her father values. But as the best lawyer in town, she's determined to someday find a way to prove her worth to him. Aurora, the middle sister, is the family peacemaker. She brokers every dispute and tries to keep them all happy, even as she hides her own secret pain. Vivi Ann is the undisputed star of the family. A stunningly beautiful dreamer with a heart as big as the ocean in front of her house, she is adored by all who know her. Everything comes easily for Vivi Ann, until a stranger comes to town. In a matter of moments, everything will change. The Grey sisters will be pitted against one another in ways that none could have imagined. Loyalties will be tested and secrets revealed, and a terrible, shocking crime will shatter both their family and their beloved town. With breathtaking pace and penetrating emotional insight,” True Colors” is an unforgettable novel about sisters, rivalry, forgiveness, redemption and ultimately, what it means to be a family
Hannah captures the loss, sorrow, and unity that makes up the Grey family. Her characters are so engaging, that they stay with you long after you finish the last chapter. Her characters feel like long lost friends. I finished this book hoping a sequel would follow.
by-Haley 2010/06/18, 05:43 AM
If you liked "Firefly Lane" you won't be dissappointed with "True Colors". It's a fast light read filled with emotion.
by-Mary Jo 2010/01/24, 05:50 PM
This book starts out as a romance novel and then morphs into something more intriguing and compelling. I enjoyed the later chapters but struggled with the beginning; great read however for those who enjoy a good romance novel.
by-Lyn 2009/08/23, 08:37 AM
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