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A Friend of the Family
by Lauren Grodstein
From The Jacket:Pete Dizinoff has spent years working toward a life that would be, by all measures, deemed successful. A skilled internist, he has built a thriving practice in suburban New Jersey. He has a devoted wife, a network of close friends, and an impressive house, and most important, he has a son, Alec, on whom he has pinned all his hopes. Pete has afforded Alec every opportunity, bailed him out of close calls with the law, and even ensured his acceptance into a good college. But Pete never counted on the wild card: Laura, his best friend's daughter ten years older than Alec, irresistibly beautiful, with a past so shocking that it has been never spoken of. When Laura sets her sights on Alec, Pete sees his plans for his son not just unraveling but being destroyed completely. Believing he has only the best of intentions, he sets out to derail this romance and rescue his son. He could never have foreseen how his whole world would shatter in the process. Lauren Grodstein delivers a riveting story in the tradition of The Ice Storm, American Beauty, and Little Children, charting a father's fall from grace as he struggles to save his family, his reputation, and himself
A compelling read that any parent can relate to, as what mother or father would not go to the end of the world for their child. This book will get to you emotionally and also give you many things to think about
by-Amy 2009/12/18, 08:49 AM
This is a novel with vivid characters, that captures the feel and lifestyle of an upscale suburban NJ doctor. Itís about secrets, regrets and consequences of past actions. The main thread revolves around a father and son relationship that anyone with college age children could relate to. Itís well written and hits all the right notes to grab you emotionally. Itís hard to put down at times
by-Lyn 2009/12/13, 04:09 PM
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