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The Red Queen
by Philippa Gregory
Historical Fiction
From The Jacket:The second book in Philippa's stunning new trilogy, The Cousins War, brings to life the story of Margaret Beaufort, a shadowy and mysterious character in the first book of the series - The White Queen - but who now takes centre stage in the bitter struggle of The War of the Roses. The Red Queen tells the story of the child-bride of Edmund Tudor, who, although widowed in her early teens, uses her determination of character and wily plotting to infiltrate the house of York under the guise of loyal friend and servant, undermine the support for Richard III and ultimately ensure that her only son, Henry Tudor, triumphs as King of England. Through collaboration with the dowager Queen Elizabeth Woodville, Margaret agrees a betrothal between Henry and Elizabeth's daughter, thereby uniting the families and resolving the Cousins War once and for all by founding of the Tudor dynasty.
This is a very entertaining read, filled with suspense and historical detail. Itís fascinating to read about the horrific battles and the rivalry between the families knowing itís true. Everyone seems uncivilized and cold hearted, but this behavior was necessary to survive. I definitely recommend it.
by-Lisa 2010/09/03, 02:40 AM
I am a huge Philippa Gregory fan and loved this book. Surprising to me, my favorite character this time was not the strong female protagonist but Henry, Margaretís second husband, such a gentle and unappreciated soul. He seemed like he belonged in another century or at best another political circle, an interesting contrast to Margaret. Another graet book by Ms. Gregory.
by-Pamela 2010/08/28, 02:45 PM
I did not like Margaret. She is self serving, vain and extremely judgmental. I did find her character to be believable and interesting to read about. This is certainly not Philippa Gregory's best book, but it is a good read. I am looking forward to the next installment in the cousinís war.
by-Christina 2010/08/27, 03:40 PM
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