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Never Look Away
by Linwood Barclay
From The Jacket:A warm summer Saturday. An amusement park. David Harwood is glad to be spending some quality time with his wife and their four-year-old son. But what begins as a pleasant family outing turns into a nightmare after an inexplicable disappearance. A frantic search only leads to an even more shocking and harrowing turn of events. Until this terrifying moment, David Harwood is just a small-town reporter in need of a break. Now the only thing he cares about is restoring his family. Desperate for any clue, David dives into his own investigation—and into a web of lies and deceit. For with every new piece of evidence he uncovers, David finds more questions—and moves ever closer to a shattering truth. (Dell publishing - July 19, 2011 - 528 pages - ISBN-10: 05535-1746)
could not put it down!
by-hen party 2012/01/07, 08:36 PM
There is a lot to like about this book. It's tightly plotted and fast paced but there is also a strong element of realism. A few of the twists are a real surprise and the author does a great job with building and maintaining suspense.
by-Linda-PBR 2011/10/05, 07:14 PM
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