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The Lock Artist
by Steve Hamilton
From The Jacket:Winner of The Edgar Award for Best Novel of the Year. Winner of the CWA Ian Fleming Steel Dagger. A New York Times Notable Crime Book. Winner of The Barry Award for Best Novel of the Year. Michael is no ordinary young man. Mute since a childhood tragedy, at age eighteen he discovers that he possesses a skill he would never have expected. Whether it's a locked door without a key, a padlock with no combination, or even an eight-hundred pound safe . . . he can open them all. It's a talent that will make Michael a hot commodity with the wrong people, and whether he likes it or not, push him closer to a life of crime. Until one day, when he finally sees his chance to escape, and decides to risk everything to return home to the only person he ever loved, and to unlock the secret that has kept him silent for so long. Minotaur Books - March 1, 2011 - ISBN-10: 0312696957
This is a very unusual mystery. The storyline is original with wonderful, realistic dialog and interaction between characters. Itís crime fiction but the mystery is really all about discovering the reason the main character is mute and how he ended up in jail. Itís all written and presented in a very imaginative and creative manner. Winner of several awards including The Barry Award and the Edgar Award.
by-Linda-PBR 2011/10/24, 06:41 PM
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