A compelling story that touches on issues of family and identity.  The Silent Sister by Diane Chamberlain #fiction #reading #books to read

The Silent Sister

By Diane Chamberlain

Critical Praise:

“The Silent Sister is a powerful and thrilling novel. This tautly paced and emotionally driven novel will engross Chamberlain's many fans as well as those who read Sandra Brown and Carla Buckley.” —Booklist

“Hard to put down.” —Better Homes and Gardens

“A compulsively readable melodrama.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Chamberlain's powerful story is a page-turner to the very end. A must for all mystery lovers and those who like reading about family struggles.” —Library Journal

“…the readers of this tale will be surprised and shocked by the unveiling of a truth that they will never guess up front. Chamberlain has written an excellent novel with well-thought-out plotlines that never lose the suspense lover's interest for one solitary second.” —Suspense Magazine
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*Discussion Questions

1. How did the false story of Lisa’s suicide influence the path Riley took in her career? How did discovering the truth change her approach? 2. On page 87, Danny tells Riley, “It’s not my mind that’s sick...It’s my soul.” What does he mean by this?

3. “Her violin had gotten her through some terrible times and now, during the loneliest, scariest time ofherlife,shedidn’thavetheonethingthatcouldcalmher.” Doyouhavesomethingyouturnto during times of hardship in a similar way?

4. How did you react to Danny’s vehement desire to see Lisa arrested? Did your understanding or reaction change as the story unfolded?

5. On page 318, Celia says, “justice comes in many forms.” What does she mean by this? Do you agree?

6. While Riley is looking for the truth about her family she isn’t always sure that she will re ach out to Lisa if she is able to find her. What do you see as the turning point in her search when she makes a firm decision to contact Lisa?

7. Throughout the novel both Jeannie Lyons and Verniece Kyle lie to Riley, though with vastly different motives. Did you suspect that they were hiding something? If so, what was it that made you suspicious? What secrets did you think they were keeping, and were you surprised by the truths that Jeannie and Verniece eventually revealed?

8. In what ways do both Riley and Lisa attempt to maintain a sense of connection to family that they have lost?

9. Both Danny and Riley express complex emotions over both the loss of Lisa and then later the discovery that she is alive and maintaining a new identity. What conflicting e motions does Riley feel? Why? How do they compare or contrast to Danny’s feelings and the way he expresses them?

10. How did your react to Riley’s decision to move to Seattle and maintain the lie about her and Jade’s history?

(Discussion Questions by Publisher)

Book Summary
Riley MacPherson has spent her entire life believing that her older sister Lisa committed suicide as a teenager. It was a belief that helped shape her own childhood and that of her brother. It shaped her view of her family and their dynamics. It influenced her entire life. Now, more than twenty years later, her father has passed away and she's in New Bern, North Carolina, cleaning out his house when she finds evidence that what she has always believed is not the truth. Lisa is alive. Alive and living under a new identity.

But why, exactly, was she on the run all those years ago? What secrets are being kept now, and what will happen if those secrets are revealed? As Riley works to uncover the truth, her discoveries will put into question everything she thought she knew about her family. Riley must decide what the past means for her present, and what she will do with her newfound reality. Told with Diane Chamberlain's powerful prose and illumination into the human heart and soul, The Silent Sister is an evocative novel of love, loss, and the bonds among siblings.

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