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The Zoo Keepers Wife
by Diane Ackerman

Book Review by - Andrea
Based on a true story THE ZOO KEEPERS WIFE is a heartrending account of a Polish couple Antonia and Jan Zabinski, who saved hundreds of Jews and other victims from capture by the Nazis. The book reveals a stark look at life in Poland during the German occupation and the hardships faced by the entire country. The story was a vivid reminder of the Holocausts destruction to society. The book was a fascinating look at the underground system used to assimilate Jews into society, as well as an insightful look into the Nazi philosophy. The family photographs midway through the novel give faces to the characters emphasizing the harsh reality faced by the victims.This book was incredibly thought provoking and introduced me to a different perspective of the Holocaust. Although it sometimes read like a textbook, it was an engrossing story that led me to research further information on the Warsaw Zoo.Back.

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