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A Friend of the Family
by Lauren Grodstein

Book Review by - linda
Almost from the start I was drawn into this book in a very compelling way. I liked that the story is told from the perspective of a father as so often this genre of book is carried by a female voice. You also know straight away that the main character Pete has done something regretful and wrong, which adds just a hint of mystery to the book. As the story unfolds I was pulled full force in to the lives and struggles of this suburban NJ family. The central theme of the book dealt with parent child trust and to what extent a father should be involved in life choices of his young adult son and at what point he needed to let go. As the story progressed Grodstein nicely played out the sacrifices a father is willing to make for his son with the main focus on the emotions, which drove Pete to make some rather poor choices. He fiercely loved his son and had a deep desire to want what’s best for him. As you can imagine, the rollercoaster of emotions ranged from heartwarming to heart wrenching and my sympathies followed a similar curve as I am not sure I wouldn’t have acted similarly. As the title suggests, the book also dealt with friendship on several different levels. Grodstein tested the limits of trust and loyalty in friendship and marriage. In summary this is a story of love, friendship and family dynamics, with unforgettable multidimensional characters, written in an engrossing style that takes hold of you and keeps you turning pages. Book clubs will find it sparks lively discussion as it deals with some typical but touchy family issues.Back.

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