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Fly Away Home
by Jennifer Weiner

Book Review by - linda
Fly Away Home is a beautifully written story of women who rise to the challenge of accepting and changing unpleasant truths about themselves. Itís about the difficulties both private and public of being a member of a Senatorís family as news of his affair with a much younger woman hits the news. The book is told from the perspective of the different family members, Sylvie, the Senatorís wife and each of his two daughters. They are complex and flawed characters and through them Weiner touches on some emotional but timeless topics such as drug addiction, unplanned pregnancy, infidelity and marriage. One thing I enjoyed about this story is that each of these women, although different, is very strong. Itís heartwarming to witness their inter relationships grow as each looks inward, confronts her inner conflicts and becomes a shade more true to herself. Although the plot slowed in spots, my main complaint is that although I got to know the characters, neither they nor the story stayed with me for any length of time. In short, fans of Jennifer Weiner and those looking for a light airport or beach read will enjoy this book.Back.

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