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Eat Pray Love
by Elizabeth Gilbert

Book Review by - linda
(3.5 stars)I thought this was going to be a book about eating, spirituality and love. As it turns out, itís all of that and also about making mistakes, forgiving yourself and starting over. Gilbertís writing style is open and honest as she shares her journey of finding balance and contentment in her life. She does this through completely immersing herself in three different cultures. Italy is all about the food and the intimacy of sharing meals with friends, not denying yourself simple pleasures and giving yourself permission to do nothing. India is the spiritual part of her journey. Here she conquers the art of meditation and learns the meaning of some inspirational Sanskrit phrases. This part is especially interesting for those who practice yoga or meditation. And then thereís my favorite section of the book, Indonesia. Its breathtaking beauty is the perfect backdrop for finding balance and love. Gilbert writes with a delightful mix of humor and wit in a style that is easy to read and flows nicely. However, there are several sections that are slow and slightly tedious, with too much descriptive detail and no movement in plot. In short, anyone struggling with divorce or feeling disconnected to their life will easily relate to and take comfort in reading this book. Travel journal enthusiasts will also find it delightful and a great escape or those on their own spiritual journey.Back.

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