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The Kitchen House
by Kathleen Grissom

Book Review by - linda
The story is narrated in alternating chapters by two distinct characters; Belle, a black slave and Lavinia a white indentured servant, whose perspectives on situations are as different as they are. Although they share the same chores, living conditions and indebtednesses to their master, they are worlds apart where emotions or life choices are concerned. Grissom does an excellent job of giving the book an authentic feel for this time period and positively excels at making her characters, the circumstances they encounter and the story line real and believable. Further to the author’s credit, she presents balanced views of the slaves and plantation owners actions without passing moral judgment. A few minor things did bother me. The book starts strong and grabs you, then a hundred pages or so in, loses momentum slightly, but fortunately also picks up again. On a personal note, I prefer strong female characters that fight to the bitter end rather than fade and weaken like Lavinia. Overall however a very enjoyable read that would have appeal to anyone who likes a well written book with an interesting story line about love and the impenetrable bonds of the people we choose to be family. Excellent book club selection.Back.

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