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The Marriage Pact
by Michelle Richmond

Book Review by - Linda
There are no guarantees in life, or are there? Is there something that can guarantee a long happy marriage? The founder of The Pact, an exclusive, by invite only secret club, thinks there is.

Alice and Jake, just before their wedding, receive an invitation to join this group. Like all newlyweds, they are optimistic; they want their marriage to succeed, so they sign the contract. After perusing the manual, they are encouraged.

One of the rules is you must give your spouse a gift each month; another says you must take a trip together every quarter. You must also always answer your partner's phone calls. Infidelity, among other things, is forbidden. There are consequences for breaking the rules and membership is for life - no exceptions. But as Jake so aptly says “ what can they do, put us in marriage jail?”

The premise of this book is unique. As Alice and Jake journey into the cult world, the author gives the reader some fascinating perspectives on marriage. And while I found it to be a great read, I have to admit; I was forced to suspend belief more than a few times. If this is something that you find difficult to do- best skip this book. If not, dive in and enjoy. Recommend.Back.

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