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The Lost Girls of Paris
by Pam Jenoff

Book Review by - Andrea
Our local library hosted a book signing for Pam Jenoff's new book The Lost Girls of Paris. Happily, I was able to grab a signed copy of the book, and for the second time, hear her speak. Once again the event was fantastic! She's such an accomplished woman and a true inspiration. Hearing an author talk about their book always adds a new dimension to my reading experience. It makes me feel more connected to the characters and the story and is helpful when reading for a Book Club. This was undoubtedly the case for The Lost Girls of Paris which is about a group of ordinary women recruited to join an all-female spy network. The women were amazing and clearly ahead of their time tackling a dangerous job meant for a man during WWII. After being sent behind enemy lines, some never return home. The question is, what happened to them? It was impressive reading about their bravery and patriotic spirit. This book is filled with espionage, mystery, and history. It would make an excellent selection for a Book Club and sure to provide a living discussion.Back.

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