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Next Year in Havana
by Chanel Cleeton

Book Review by - Linda
Next Year in Havana feels so real. It's about the internal strife and conflicts in revolutionary Cuba but it's also a love story filled with family drama. This book is atmospheric and subtly draws you in with wonderful characters and beautiful descriptions of Cuba. There are two storylines, one in the late 1950s and the other present day. The first is a glimpse into old Cuba, corrupt and politically tense. It follows Eliza, born into privilege, and part of Cuba's high society as she falls in love with a revolutionary. The other shows present day Cuba as Marisol returns there to discover her roots and uncover the secrets of the grandmother who raised her. For me, the historical fiction story edged out the present day story, but not by much. One thing is certain when you finish reading this book, Havana will seem less of a mystery and you'll definitely want to visit Cuba and soak up all its history first hand.Back.

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