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Our planner has everything you need to stay organized and well-read. We've filled it with quotes and snippets that will inspire you to nurture the good in yourself.

Happy Reading!

For only $6.00, our printable Reading and Lifestyle Planner will help you simplify your life and inspire you to be your best self.
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A Few Reasons Why You'll Love Our Planner
Elevate your reading to a new level of understanding and enjoyment with our PBR Reading Journal! You'll be able to record all of the books you read, keep up to date with your never-ending TBR list, and of course, review all of your favorites! Book Club members will love this feature. It helps with organizing your thoughts for discussion.
Organizing your life seems simple enough. But is it? We happen to think it's difficult but essential. It's the reason we designed this planner. We hope using this lifestyle planner becomes a favorite habit, something you look forward to each day, and something that brings positive change into your life.
Expense Tracking
It feels good to know your finances are in shape. Our monthly bill tracker page lets you quickly see where your money goes. This way, you can weed out anything wasteful and make sure nothing gets overlooked. It's great for budgeting too.
Meal Planning
Eating healthy is the most important thing you can do for yourself and your family, but it can be overwhelming. Planning your meals helps. You'll save money and have quality family time and food that's leaps and bounds better for you. It's habit-forming; you'll wonder why you didn't start planning years ago.
Achieving Goals
It may sound scary to be accountable to yourself - but beautiful things happen when you set goals. Putting your goals in writing is especially powerful. It's also incredibly gratifying to cross one goal out and dream up another.
Being thankful stirs up all those healthy, happy endorphins we crave. It's a fantastic way to take care of yourself. It softens your heart and makes you see the good in others. And it's free!
Tracking Habits
Most of us know good habits from bad habits. We also know change is challenging. But, a subtle nudge slowly works its way into your life. It's why we made space for you to jot down a habit you want to change or one you wish to nurture
Helpful Tips

To get the look a feel of a high-end Planner, we suggest using either a 24lb or 28lb paper weight. It works well for two-sided printing where you need a heavier paper to prevent any bleed through to the other side. If you use regular copy paper, we suggest printing on one side only.
Letter Size (8 1/2 x 11)
Page Size & Handling:
- actual size
- choose paper source by PDF
- print on both sides
- long edge (Important!)
- auto
This download is a large document and can be taxing on a home printer. It helps prevent paper jams if you print in small batches, especially when printing on both sides of the paper. We suggest printing in the following monthly increments.
Pages   1 - 14
Pages 15 - 28
Pages 29 - 40
Pages 41 - 52
Pages 53 - 66
Pages 67 - 78
Pages   79 - 90
Pages  91 - 104
Pages 105 - 116
Pages 117 - 130
Pages 131 - 142
Pages 143 - 154
Pages 155 - 171

Accessories for Your Planner
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Writing with a quality pen when using your planner makes all the difference! It looks neat, and you don't get bleed through to the other side of the paper. Try our favorite colored markers for color-coding your schedule or just adding a bit of fun to your planner.

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Notebook Binders
Designing your planner is not only fun but nurtures your creative side and allows you to express yourself. You use it every day, so why not make it beautiful with a decorative binder?

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Using quality paper makes a big difference when printing and writing in your planner, especially when printing on both sides of the paper. You eliminate any bleed through, and the color looks more vibrant. Most high-end planners use the 24lb or 28lb paper. The 28lb is our favorite, but 24lb works well for two-sided printing as well. If using copy paper, print on one side only.

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Decorative dividers are an easy way to elevate the look and organization of your planner. We like matching the notebook dividers with the binder cover for a beautiful looking planner. Again, you're using it every day, so why not love it? We use monthly dividers for the calendar, and also one the reading journal, finances.

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What can we say? Accessories make all the difference in adding a little personality to your planner! We absolutely love the book paper clips! If you're taking your planner with you, consider the zipper binder, and the bookmark is helpful for quickly finding your schedule.

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