The Other Woman
by Sadie Jones
Review: An
PBR Review: (by- Linda - April 2019)

First of all, know that this is not a dark and gritty kind of read. It is, however, highly entertaining and a nice mix of mystery and suspense. It' a twisty read with several, you don't see coming surprises. And I loved the killer ending.

The premise is simple enough. Emily falls hard and fast for Adam. Unfortunately, Adam's mother, Pammie, is not happy about the union and uses everything within her power to stop it dead. Pammie seems to have the upper hand; her son is easy to manipulate and oblivious to his mother's wicked intentions and Emily seems lacking in the strength needed to fight such a force. All in all, it's a winning combination to keep you entertained and turning the pages.

Emily and her stepmother drive the story. But all the characters are relatable and genuine. An excellent debut.

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