Unforgivable Love
by Sophfronia Scott
Praise For This Book:
“Complicated characters, unbearable tension, heartbreak, and betrayal make Unforgivable Love an absorbing read. [...] Deeply poignant.” — Erika Robuck, national bestselling author of Hemingway's Girl

“Unforgivable Love is an exquisite, sexy, beautifully imagined novel in which Sophfronia Scott expertly recasts the intrigues and characters of Dangerous Liaisons in Harlem of the late 1940s. [...] Both a virtuosic homage and a thrilling retelling--Unforgivable Love is a stunning accomplishment.” — Christine Sneed, author of The Virginity of Famous Men and Little Known Facts

“At once beautiful and ominous, visceral and ethereal, tragic and fulfilling, Unforgivable Love is a genuinely moving novel [...] Sophfronia Scott has given us a book that will last, an elegant page turner that transcends time and place.” — Bret Lott, New York Times bestselling author of Jewel

“Imagine Dangerous Liaisons set in 1940s Harlem, amidst the nascent civil rights movement, baseball, and jazz, and you have Sophfronia Scott’s riveting novel Unforgivable Love.[...] I miss this world-and Scott’s gorgeous prose already.” — Lori Ostlund, author of After the Parade

“Unforgivable Love is lyrical and lush, enchanting and energetic. With botttomless empathy and loving attention to detail, Sophfronia Scott embraces a classic and makes it her own.” — Tayari Jones, author of Silver Sparrow and An American Marriage

“Unforgivable Love is a fast-paced tale of intrigue, seduction, and betrayal. Sophfronia Scott leaves us breathless.” — Lee Martin, Pulitzer Prize Finalist author of The Bright Forever

“ [...] here is this eighteenth century French tale remade into a panorama of mid-century Harlem, America--full of brilliant characters, a tale of love and lust and treachery, written with the rhythms of jazz, giving forth beautifully rendered rooms and streets and sounds [...] better than the original.” — Richard Bausch, award-winning author of Before, During, After

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