Still Alice
by Lisa Genova
PBR Review:
This is an extremely compelling novel, written in a sensitive and compassionate style that allows you to feel what it's like to be diagnosed and live with Alzheimer's disease. Prior to reading this when Alzheimer's was mentioned my thoughts and sympathy were always focused on the family, not the victim of this terrible disease, now my heart will go out to Alice.

The writing has such a personal feel to it that as Alice struggles with each new phase of this disease and comes to terms with the depth of what she is being robbed of, it is easy to forget it's fiction. It's absolutely heart wrenching to watch her slowly lose control of her mind and life, made even more tragic because she knows it's happening. The author also shows the effect on the family as hope for a cure becomes less and less a viable option. This emotional story will bring tears to your eyes and a passion for finding a cure for Alzheimer's

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