How To Start A Book Club

How To Start A Book Club
Starting a Book Club is exciting! To ensure you get off on the right foot with your new group, we suggest the following guidelines.

What genre of books do you want to read?

Do you wish to read all kinds of genres in your club or just particular ones, such as mysteries or historical fiction? When choosing a book will it be a hardcover, paperback, or both?

How will you choose your members?

We believe diversity within a club is always a plus; it provides various points of view and sparks lively discussions. Start with a few people and ask each person to invite 2-3 people. Keeping the group size between 5-15 people allows everyone a chance to speak.

How serious is your club going to be?

Many groups use a particular format for discussions during the meetings while others use a looser form keeping it more social. Do take into account the seriousness of the club when inviting friends to join.

When, where, and how often you'll be meeting?

Will it be at member's home or an outside venue such as a restaurant or library? If at someone's home, will refreshments be served?

How will the group choose the book each month?

Some groups select the books all at once for the entire year; others rotate by having the host of the meeting choose the book.

Will someone be in charge of the Book Club?

Nominating someone to head the club is always helpful to keep the group running smoothly. They can send out emails reminding the group about monthly meetings and book choices. Setting up a private Facebook page for the club is another way of keeping the group informed and cohesive.

Will your Book Club have a name?

Giving your club a clever name creates an air of unity amongst its members. It can distinguish what the group stands for or wants to accomplish. Some suggestions are contributing a small monetary amount each week for a charitable cause, a group outing or seeing one of the many books that have become a movie. Most importantly, remember to have fun and enjoy sharing your passion for reading with others.

Happy Reading!
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