Fifth Avenue Glamour Girl

by Renee Rosen
Contemporary Fiction: A captivating story inspired by the cosmetic giant Estee Lauder. It follows the journey of Estee and Gloria, who become best friends as they forge their paths in the competitive cosmetic industry dominated by men and at a time when women were not welcome in the workplace.An entertaining, well-researched story about two strong, determined women who will stop at nothing to succeed in a man's world. Fifth Avenue Glamour GirlBy Renee Rosen #historicalfiction, #womensfiction, #reading, #BooksToRead, #bookclub, #reading, #books,FifthAvenueGlamourGirl,#reneerosen

Praise For This Book

"In this captivating novel, Renee Rosen invites readers to peer behind the lovely facade of the iconic Estee Lauder, at her real origin and hardscrabble rise. This illuminating tale about ambition and friendship between Estee and Gloria Downing, another young woman who has changed her name and her identity, explores the dangers inherent in embellishing the truth. A fascinating glimpse into a legend who has changed the face of cosmetics forever." -Marie Benedict, New York Times bestselling author of The Personal Librarian and The Mitford Affair

"A scintillating, beautifully written peek into the life of one of America's most fascinating women, Fifth Avenue Glamour Girl is an ode to the singular magic of chasing and catching one's wildest dreams. Through Renee Rosen's well-trained pen, Estee Lauder returns, living and breathing on every page. Rosen is at the height of her storytelling prowess with this glittering novel that shines as brightly as the heroine at its center. I absolutely could not put it down. " -Kristy Woodson Harvey, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Wedding Veil

"A dazzling story of the beauty of female friendship and the dogged persistence of a cosmetics legend who knew that she-and the women around her-were meant for more... Estee Lauder was a force to be reckoned with and her ambition and drive leap off the page in Fifth Avenue Glamour Girl!" -Stephanie Marie Thornton, USA Today bestselling author of A Most Clever Girl

"Like the perfect red lipstick, Fifth Avenue Glamour Girl is both utterly stylish and satisfying. Renee Rosen deftly shows us what a determined dreamer Estee Lauder was and, in so doing, creates a heroine as timeless and remarkable as the products she introduced to women all around the world. A truly inspiring rags to riches tale, told by a wonderful storyteller." -Natasha Lester, New York Times bestselling author of The Riviera House

"Renee Rosen tells a page-turning story of resilience and self-determination even as she brings a household name to life. Through fascinating detail and heartfelt empathy, she illuminates Estee Lauder's determined rise to be the woman she always wanted to be. An inspiration for us all." -Lynn Cullen, national bestselling author of The Woman with the Cure

"A tale of blazing trails in a man's world, FIFTH AVENUE GLAMOUR GIRL is an empowering, touching story of enduring friendship and beating the odds. A perfect spring read!" -Heather Webb, USA Today bestselling author of Strangers in the Night

"With her golden pen, Rosen delves into the power of friendship, emphasizing that while cosmetics can be bought, true friendship must be earned. Rosen's world is lush, well researched, and her characters are vividly portrayed. Like her iconic subject matter, Rosen's FIFTH AVENUE GLAMOUR GIRL is truly an inspiration. - Lisa Barr, New York Times bestselling author of WOMAN ON FIRE

"An intimate and fascinating glimpse into the woman whose determination to fulfill her dream literally changed the face of American women, told with an immediacy that was captivating far beyond the final page. A must read!" -Shelley Noble, New York Times bestselling author of Summer Island

"Fifth Avenue Glamour Girl sweeps us into the fascinating world of New York's beauty industry and pulls back the veil on the Cinderella story of how Estee Lauder carved out a name for herself through perseverance and hard work. With Renee Rosen's impressive research and richly crafted characters, this beautifully written story will be one you won't be able to put down as you cheer these women on." -Madeline Martin, New York Times bestselling author of Librarian Spy

"Renee Rosen's gift for creating real, fallible and compelling characters we grow to love and cheer for shines in Fifth Avenue Glamor Girl, a story of the grit and determination behind the glamor

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