The Bodyguard

by Katherine Center
Romance. A perfect light, easy-to-read, engaging romance that will make you smile and bring tears to your eyes. Loved it. It's beautifully paced - with fantastic chemistry between the characters - a very satisfying read.   The Bodyguard by Katheryn Center #romance, #romcom, #reading, #reading, #BooksToRead, #bestbooks, #bookclub, #reading, #books #bodyguard #bookloverst #katherinecenter

Discussion Questions

1. Jack and Hannah both experienced the loss of someone important to them before meeting each other. How do you think this helped them form a unique bond?

2. How did Hannah's prior knowledge of Jack as a celebrity and as a character in movies impact her expectations of him? Were her expectations accurate or inaccurate?

3. When, do you think, was the pivotal moment that Jack fell in love with Hannah? When was that moment for Hannah?

4. Do you think the portrayal of Jack as a movie star is an accurate representation of fame? Discuss.

5. What is the significance of the scene in which Jack and all of the other Thanksgiving guests raise their hands to choose Hannah over Kennedy Monroe? What did that say about Jack's character?

6. Discuss the theme of forgiveness in Jack's character arc and its importance. How does this impact his relationship with his family? How does it impact his relationship with Hannah?

7. Do you think Hannah and Jack would have fallen in love if they had met in a different context? How did Hannah being Jack's bodyguard hinder or help their relationship?

8. What is the significance of Jack holding on to his brother Drew's secret for so long? Why do you think he finally told the truth? How did revealing the truth impact him?

9. While the book is a love story between Jack and Hannah, the theme of self-love is explored through Hannah's character. How did Hannah's character grow during the course of the book? Discuss.

10. The theme of familial love is explored in the stark difference between Jack's family and Hannah's upbringing. Hannah tells Jack's mother, Connie, "I guess you remind me of the mom I always wished I had." What did Hannah learn about familial love from the Stapleton family? What did Jack gain from learning about Hannah's childhood?

11. On page 259, Hannah says, "Every chance you take is a choice. A choice to decide who you are." Does this statement resonate with particular times in your life? Which of your choices are you most proud of?

12. Katherine Center has been called "the reigning queen of comfort reads," and she talks a lot about how stories have a unique ability to comfort and nourish us. Was reading The Bodyguard nourishing for you? What do you look for in a "comfort read"?
Discussion questions by the publisher.

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