The Bride Test

by Helen Hoang
A quirky love story. Khai is on the Autism spectrum, which makes it difficult for him to relate to women. His mother tries to help him along by recruiting a young woman, Esme, to seduce and marry him.  The Bride Test By Helen Hoang #fiction, #reading, #books to read, #books

Discussion Questions

1. Kh?i grew up in America, while M? was born and raised in a small village in Vietnam. What cultural differences can you see and how do you think this affects who they are now?

2. In the beginning of the book, Kh?i's mother is in Vietnam to search for a wife for Kh?i. Do you think it's wrong of his mother to meddle and interfere in his personal life, or is this justified as an act of love?

3. Prior to reading this book, how would you have imagined an autistic man? How does Kh?i compare to this vision?

4. Throughout the book, Kh?i is adamant about not having feelings, thus creating a chasm between him and everyone else. When do you see a breakthrough in this way of thinking? How does M? help with this?

5. Kh?i memorizes a set of rules that his sister made him that lists what he should do when he's with a girl (page 37). Do you agree with this list?

6. Though M? originally goes to America with the purpose of seducing Kh?i, a lot of her time is spent going to night school and working at Co Nga's restaurant. This reflects the hard work that immigrants go through to build a life in the U.S. Can you or anyone you know relate to this?

7. M? lies to Kh?i about her occupation and tells him that she's an accountant. She does this because she's embarrassed by her station in life but also to feel some sort of connection to him. Should she have just told him the truth from the beginning or do you think her lie helps bring them together at least a little?

8. As adamant as Kh?i is about not loving M?, he does things for her that show how much he does care about her, such as carrying her and helping to find her father. What other ways does he show he loves her?

9. At the end of the book, Kh?i tells M? he loves her in Vietnamese. What is the significance of this?

Discussion questions by the publisher
Book Club Talking Points:
Khai's autism colors everything in this book. It makes you wonder how the same events would change if he were not. The same goes for Esme's background. She is beyond poor by American standards. She keeps a lot of secrets because she is ashamed of this. Would she still be accepting of Khai if she were not so impoverished? It's also hard to believe most mothers would agree to a scheme such as this

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