A Bridge Across the Ocean
by Susan Meissner
PBR Review: There are many great things about this book. It's a feel good story, and I loved the clean, fresh writing style. The characters are believable, and the author seamlessly weaves layers of intrigue into the story. There are three main characters, three very different women that share a few common traits; they are strong, which allows them to be brave and they are tenacious which means they persevere. I should mention, the story has ghosts; and while not my favorite part of the book, I'm glad I didn't let this keep me from reading the story. They are not the scary kind but simply a unique way to create a bridge to the past. In fact, it makes for some interesting reading if you can suspend belief.

I read a lot of historical fiction, and this is the first I've read anything in depth about the foreign war brides and their struggles. These were women, who after marrying American soldiers, were separated from them and had to wait until the end of the war, often encountering long delays because of paperwork and red tape before they could enter America and be with their husbands. Many suffered traumatic events during the war. Many had small children to care for. Recommend this compelling story.

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