Child 44
by Tom Rob Smith
PBR Review:
This is an incredible debut novel. I really canít say enough about it. The plot is strong and fast paced. The character development is awesome and you don't have to wait long to be drawn into the book as it builds quickly. Once you are pulled in, itís hard to put down, itís a page turner. I also love that itís fact based, as I find it intriguing to read about historical evens in an entertaining manner, but it also lends a sense of reality to everything.

A real strength of this story is that there are multiple layers to hold your interest, each one intriguing and intense. One thread is based on the story of Russia's first serial killer and a bureaucratic system that is in denial, refusing to acknowledge or investigate, murders simply cannot exist, thus providing the perfect environment for more murders. I found myself in disbelief that this type of thinking could exist in a Nation. Woven in is also a fascinating account of what life held for the Soviet people under Stalin's regime.

A life of constantly watching your back, trusting no one and living in fear, a witness to the worst humanity has to offer. To question the state was tantamount to a death sentence with a torture prelude. Trust no one, not your neighbor, your friend, your wife, your parents, no one. Again, where was the rest of the world when this was happening? In short, a great, great read with lots of twists and turns, suspense and intrigue. I did find some of the violence too graphic but don't let that stop you up from reading the book, there is not that much of it. The film rights to Child 44 have been sold to director Ridley Scott.

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