Daughters of the Witching Hill
by Mary Sharratt
Praise For This Book:
Daughters of the Witching Hill offers a fresh approach with witches who believe in their own power and yet, in many ways, are still innocent. Sharratt’s readers—like the magistrate who took the women’s confessions—are likely to be spellbound by their stories. —M.L. Johnson, AP, San Francisco Chronicle

Full of the reality of the day, this story is stark and real, but Sharratt’s descriptions of landscape and the daily life of the poor at the time are rich enough to feed the senses. The author weaves this vast canvas of changing culture into the personal stories of these women, and in the process transports us to a distant land, a distant time—and deep into the story of people we sympathize with and care about. —Linda White, Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Sharratt successfully combines excellent historical detail, drama, and emotional accounts that blend beautifully into a vibrant story. Perfectly plotted, impressive, and full of tension, this is most assuredly a bewitching tale. Highly recommended. —Rebecca Roberts, Historical Novels Review, Editor’s Choice Pick

A breathless page turner … Daughters of the Witching Hill leads to any exciting conclusion, of course—the gory, dramatic horror of the witch trial—but when readers close the book, that’s amazingly not the part we remember. We come to know these ‘witches’ as people, skilled in herbal or even magical healing, yes, but also in demanding respect from others, and of themselves. —Kristen Thiel, Rain Taxi

Every time I picked this book up I was immediately transported to Pendle Forest and completely absorbed in the story of these women. . . . I encourage all to read this enchanting story. —Bookbrowse.com, Editor’s Choice Pick

This book is a new approach to an old subject and will take you back to a time when innocence was lost because of fear, petty revenge and superstition. It will bewitch you. —Mary Daugherty, The News-Enterprise

Daughters of the Witching Hill is very different for Sharratt, yet just as rich and compelling as this author’s previous works. Bess and her clan live and breathe on the pages of Sharratt’s book—at least for a while—and we come away from the experience with a fresh view of what might really have happened in Lancashire in 1612. —Sienna Powers, January Magazine

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