Daughters of the Witching Hill
by Mary Sharratt
PBR Review:
This is a very compelling story with substance, one with strong women characters that resonates intellectually and emotionally. Itís based on the true story of the infamous and well documented Pendle witch trials of 1612. The story is filled with atmosphere and poignant relationships showing not only the very human side of these women being accused of witch craft, but also the religious zealotry that fueled the fear.

There is also a timelessness to the human flaws demonstrated in this book provoking thought on two spheres; the unspeakable actions of the past and the steadfastness of human nature. The story is told from the perspective of Bess, also known as Mother Demdike and later in the book by her granddaughter Alizon. Itís interesting to see and compare how each interpreted their craft and the world they lived in. Highly recommend for historical fiction fans or anyone who has an interest in witchery. Fans of Phillipa Gregory or those who enjoyed ďThe Heretics Daughter ďwill not want to miss this one.

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