The Diplomat's Daughter
by Karin Tanabe
Praise For This Book:
"Karin Tanabe’s moving new novel, The Diplomat's Daughter, is set during the global turmoil of the late 1930s and ‘40s, but its political resonance is timeless and its story is captivating...All this makes for rich reading. And even though we know how World War II concludes, the fates of Emi, Leo, and Christian will surprise you." – Washington Post

“Tanabe gracefully entwines [Emi, Leo and Christian’s] lives, deftly depicting the psychological devastation of thwarted futures and poignantly sketching the shifts into cherishing the present moment. A gorgeously sweeping tale of the transcendence of love.” – Kirkus

"Above all, this is a novel about people from different backgrounds and walks of life being flung together by circumstance and finding love...[Tanabe's] attachment to her characters and passion for the period shine through." – Historical Novel Society

“Well-drawn, believable characters, a timely theme and a plot that holds your interest as the action moves from Austria, to the United States, Japan and China.” – The Missourian

“Tanabe's back with another summer read chock full of drama and rich historical detail.” – Working Mother

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