The German Wife
by Kelly Rimmer
PBR Review: (by- Linda )

There are some very complicated issues in this book. I'm still unsure how I feel about good deeds outweighing the bad, especially when it concerns the evilness of Nazis. In this story, a government program brought Nazis physicists and rocket scientists to the US after WWI granting them pardons for their war crimes because their knowledge was considered too valuable to lose. I'm still pondering this, morally and ethically. I also wonder how accepting I would be of living and working side-by-side with Germans. Would I stop to consider the consequences they faced if they opposed the Nazis?

I also think some of this book's events echo many of today's sentiments of antisemitism and racial issues. However, there was a good balance, too, with war veterans and Nazi scientists working and living in close proximity, giving two different perspectives. The big question is choice - did the Germans have a choice?

Overall this book was well-researched, engaging, and had a nice mix of complex characters and complicated themes.

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