The German Wife

by Kelly Rimmer
A thought-provoking and emotional read about Operation Paperclip - a government program that recruited Nazi German scientists, pardoned them, and employed them to work in the space program. The story shows the choices and challenges the scientists and their families faced trying to blend into American towns. The German Wife by Kelly Rimmer #historicalfiction, #womensfiction, #reading, #BooksToRead, #bookclub, #reading, #books #thegermanwife

Discussion Questions

1.Were you already familiar with the historical events in this story-for example, the rise of Nazi ideology in Germany before the war, the Mittelwerk rocket operation, the Dust Bowl in America and the Black Sunday dust storm, or Operation Paperclip? Are there any aspects of the history referenced in this book that you're curious about looking into further?

2.Sofie and Jurgen make decisions to protect their family, but this traps them on a path they bitterly regret. Was there a point where they could have avoided this fate? If there was a right time to take a stand, when was that moment?

3.Georg and Laura become indoctrinated with Nazi ideology via their school and Hitler Youth activities. Did you know this happened in Nazi Germany? What do you think you would do if this was happening to your children?

4.In Chapter 4, Lydia casually references an anti-Semitic trope. Have you ever heard a friend or relative make such a statement? Did you speak up about it? Why or why not?

5.Lizzie's relationship with Henry shifts over time. What was responsible for that change? Do you think Lizzie makes mistakes trying to care for Henry over the years?

6.Which characters in this book did you like best? Which did

The German Wife Discussion Guide 2 you like least? Why?

7.Which scene in The German Wife affected you the most and why? What emotions did that scene elicit?

8.Did any lines or paragraphs from the book seem especially memorable to you?

9.Were you satisfied with the ending? What would have been a "just" ending for Jurgen and Sofie? For Lizzie and Cal? For Henry?

10.What will you remember most about The German Wife? 11.Who would you recommend this book to?

12.Was this your first Kelly Rimmer book? If you've read any of her other titles, which did you like best?
Discussion questions by the author
Book Club Talking Points:
There is plenty to keep the conversation going in this book. The Germans made life-changing choices - but did they really have a choice? Other themes include grief, acceptance, hardship, and prejudice - all thought-provoking.

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