The Great Alone
by Kristin Hannah
Praise For This Book:
"A tour de force. There are many great things about this book...It will thrill her fans with its combination of Greek tragedy, Romeo and Juliet-like coming of age story and domestic potboiler. She recreates in magical detail the lives of Alaska's homesteaders... and is just as specific and authentic in her depiction of the spiritual wounds of post-Vietnam America." -KIRKUS (STARRED REVIEW)

"Vivid...Hannah skillfully situates the emotional family saga in the events and culture of the late 70s...tautly drawn characters contribute not only to Leni's improbable survival but to her salvation amid her family's tragedy." -PUBLISHERS WEEKLY (STARRED AND BOXED)

"Hannah vividly evokes the natural beauty and danger of Alaska and paints a compelling portrait of a family in crisis and a community on the brink of change." -BOOKLIST

"In this latest from Hannah, the landscape is hard and bleak but our young heroine learns to accept it and discover her true will appreciate the astuteness of the story and the unbreakable connection between mother and child." -LIBRARY JOURNAL

"Beautifully written, Hannah portrays the loveliness and the brutality of the Alaskan landscape and the struggle that those who live there endure. I was mesmerized by this story and it has lingered in my thoughts long after I finished reading!! A MUST READ!" -STEPHANIE CROWE, PAGE & PALETTE, AL


"AN INCREDIBLE FOLLOW-UP . . . . I had to stop, breathe and let the characters hang out in my psyche for a little while before I could read anything else." -KATHLEEN CALDWELL, A GREAT PLACE FOR GOOD BOOKS, CA

"Not only do I think fans of The Nightingale will love this, I think this will secure Kristin's success and perch on bestseller lists for a long while." -LAURA TAYLOR, THE OXFORD EXCHANGE, FL

"A remarkable story of what one family can endure and a story of the strength of the human body and the human spirit. It is a story of cruel love, young love, and above all a mother's love. IT IS THE ULTIMATE STORY OF SURVIVAL." -NANCY MCFARLANE, FICTION ADDICTION, SC "KRISTIN'S BEST WORK YET!. . . . I can't wait to hand-sell it."

-KAREN SCHWETTMAN, FOXTALE BOOK SHOPPE, GA "America, prepare to have your breath swept away as you consume every nuanced word of this novel. Highly recommended!" -NANCY SIMPSON-BRICE, BOOK VAULT, IA

"HEART-WRENCHING...Kristin has written another fabulous read, I could not put down!" -SUZANNE DROPPERT, LIBERTY BAY BOOKS, WA

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