The Guest List

by Lucy Foley
A dark and atmospheric read about a  very posh, over-the-top wedding on a remote island: there is a murder to solve and plenty of suspects. This is a classic 'whodunnit' locked room mystery.  The Guest List by Lucy Foley  #thriller, #reading, #books to read, #books

Discussion Questions

1. Did you like the book? Why or why not?

2. This story is told from the point of view of multiple people. Did it work? Did you like seeing the case through different points of view? Why or why not?

3. The story jumps in time between the present and then back to the days leading up to the wedding. Did you like this story telling strategy? Why or why not?

4. After we are introduced to the narrators, their chapter headings label them as: the bride, the bridesmaid, the best man, and the plus-one. Why do you suppose that the author made this choice?

5. Through most of the book, you know there is a body and that a murder was committed, but you don't know whose body it is. How did that make you feel? Did it help build tension or provoke another emotion?

6. Would you have your wedding (or even attend one) on a boggy windswept patch of Irish coastline? If so, why? If not, why not?

7. Why was Jules so eager to marry Will despite not knowing him for very long? Why did you think she chose to ignore the letter that said not to marry him?

8. Olivia is depressed and pretty haunted. When she's describing Steven and what happened, did you suspect who he really was or were you surprised at that reveal? Do you think she'll ever tell Jules about what really happened with him?

9. What did you think about Hannah's storyline? Do you think Hannah will leave Charlie or will they stay together?

10. Johnno is distraught when he finds out that Will sabotaged his chance of being on the show. After all that Will has done, why do you think that was the incident that caused Johnno to finally confront Will about their coverup?

11. Johnno is traumatized and feels guilty about what happened to Loner, while Will takes no responsibility and tries to say it was an accident. How does that make you feel? What does this say about how Will always thought he was going to get away with everything?

12. There were several twists throughout the book. Which ones did you foresee? Which ones surprised you?

13. Did you think it was interesting that Will was involved with all the horrible things/actions that impacted so many of the characters? Or did you think it was a little much?

14. Was Will simply a thoughtless jerk or was he a true sociopath?

15. Did you guess who the killer was? What clues did you pick up during the story that helped contribute to your theory?

16. What did you think about Aoife's actions? Is what she did justified? What other action might she have taken? Do you think this was her plan all along?

17. Why does Johnno take the blame for the murder at the wedding despite being innocent?

18. Do you think the truth will ever come out about who the actual murderer is?

19. Who do you think is the true villain of this story? Is it the murderer? Is it Will? Is it someone else?

20. Were you satisfied by the book's end?

21. Lucy Foley has written other books. Will you read them?

Discussion questions by the Mentor Public Library

Book Club Talking Points:
The reviews on this one are very mixed, which always generates a lot of discussions. The story also has secrets - among everyone - spouses and friends. However, the characters are this book's main focus- it's a character study and a slow-burn mystery that takes a while to grab you, but it is engaging. So, if your book club likes this, go for it, as the book certainly has overwhelmingly positive reviews.

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