I Must Betray You
by Ruta Sepetys
PBR Review: (by- Linda )

This is a story about 1989 Romania, under the regime of the communist dictator Nicholae Ceausescu. It's a YA book (rated 14+), so if you have a young adult in your family, it's a great book to gift or read together.

Cristan is a teenager, and this story follows him as he navigates day-to-day life, such as going to school, spending time with his family, and interacting with friends in a country without freedoms and where one in ten people are informants.

When reading books about war, I always learn something. I had no idea how oppressive and horrifying life was for Romanians during this period. Nor did I understand the level of suspicion that existed. The reach of the regime was vast. Homes were bugged and searched without your knowledge, and you couldn't trust anyone - not even family.

As Americans, we fiercely guard our young - so think about it, Cristan, a teenager, is blackmailed into becoming an informer.

This is a tough book to read at times, but it's a fantastic look at history with lessons to learn.

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