The Indigo Girl
by Natasha Boyd
Praise For This Book:
"Without preaching or judging, the narrative integrates the politics of gender inequality, race, and class into Eliza's quest for confidence and allies.. Boyd's first historical novel captivates on every level, refreshingly crafting the 18th-century world of real-life Eliza Lucas Pinckney (1722-93)"- LIBRARY JOURNAL (starred review)

"Natasha's writing is a fresh and modern spin on great Southern literature." --Ashley Pullo, author of the New Amsterdam Series, praise for the author

"Indigo Girl by Natasha Boyd is a lively historical novel about Eliza Lucas Pinckney, a sixteen-year-old girl left in charge of her absent father's three South Carolina plantations in 1739 and who became the first person to produce commercial-grade indigo in the American colonies. South Carolinians and fans of historical fiction will enjoy this peek into Colonial life. The novel also works as a YA crossover and should be of interest to SC history teachers." --Jill Hendrix, Fiction Addiction (Greenville, SC)

"If you love historical fiction, this book should be on your fall reading list....It is based on historical documents and the real-life Eliza Lucas." --Southern Living

"Based on a true story, The Indigo Girl is an outstanding example of historical fiction...Through Eliza's strong internal voice and excerpts from actual letters, Boyd effortlessly brings this character to life. Readers will love discovering the amazing story of a virtually unknown girl who changed the course of history." --Booklist (starred review)

"Boyd paints a vivid portrait of a young woman entrepreneur's defiant and revolutionary spirit...Actual excerpts from some of Eliza's correspondence provide another layer of authenticity to the story...Rich and colorful...The Indigo Girl is a riveting narrative about a woman who defied convention to become one of the country's first women entrepreneurs." --Foreword Reviews

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