The Measure
by Nikki Erlick
Praise For This Book:
"Perfect for book clubs, Erlick's The Measure is equal parts charming and thought-provoking. It takes a philosophical question-what if everybody on earth knew exactly how long they had left to live?-and explores, with compassion and pragmatism, how the implications would trickle down into every area of modern life, from politics to intimacy." - Marie Claire

"So often, high-concept novels are all conceit, no heart, but Nikki Erlick gives us both in spades, a fascinating and timely setup buttressed by a compelling cast of characters finding their hard way through unprecedented times. It makes The Measure a heartfelt parable for our own unprecedented times but also its opposite: a lesson in what doesn't change even when everything else does." - Laurie Frankel, New York Times bestselling author of One Two Three

"What an incredible book! It's truly original with an intriguing premise that's beautifully executed. I loved the fact that it was written from so many POVs, each adding depth and perspective to the overall narrative which made it a rich and satisfying read. I found it gripping, poignant, and intensely thought-provoking." - Ruth Hogan, bestselling author of The Keeper of Lost Things

"A compelling, heart-breaking story of life and love with a perfect, elegant premise." - Bridget Collins, bestselling author of The Binding

"One of the most life-affirming novels I've read in a long while, The Measure is exactly what our world needs right now." - Christina Dalcher, bestselling author of Vox

"The Measure is utterly original and wonderfully mysterious. Through Erlick's deft prose and clever logic, I threw away all disbelief and fully plunged into the unsettling but life-affirming world she creates." - Jessica Anya Blau, author of Mary Jane

"The Measure is an utterly original and hugely compelling story, which drew me in from the very first page with its beautiful writing. Weeks after reading it, I'm still thinking about this smart, uplifting novel and its wonderful characters." - Freya Sampson, author of The Last Chance Library

'Nikki Erlick has created an irresistible hook about a question that everyone asks but no-one ever wants to answer. With thoughtful and compelling detail, she crafts a strange-and strangely familiar-world full of new moral and political conundrums. And while the novel is full of ideas, The Measure has a strong emotional heart-with an array of characters exploring their frightening, but sometimes beautiful new worlds. Ultimately, The Measure is about the power of human resilience, a new world where people get to choose their own kind of freedom.' - Luke Allnutt, author of We Own the Sky

"A brilliant concept cleverly executed. I couldn't stop reading." - Christina Sweeney-Baird, author of The End of Men

'I doubt I will ever use the term 'life-affirming' when describing a novel again. No other book could ever measure up to what Erlick has done with this tender, original and gripping debut. I cannot think of a reader of any genre who would not find something to love in The Measure.' -

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