The Night Circus
by Erin Morgenstern
PBR Review:
Shrouded in mystery and laced with magic, this is a book that makes the imagination come alive. It's about a very special, very sophisticated circus that suddenly appears in town and creates the ambience of New Years Eve just as the clock strikes twelve. Aside from the magnificent descriptions and creative circus acts, there is also a dark side to the story; a battle between two illusionists bound to each other in an intriguing life altering game.

Although these and other characters pale in comparison to the setting, they are solidly drawn, likeable and easy to identify with. For me however, the beautiful imagery and original content is what makes this book stand out from the crowd, it's an amazing read. I recommend this for those that like fantasy stories or can suspend belief long enough to go with the flow of this beautifully written, captivating debut. Summit Entertainment has purchased the movie rights to this book..

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