The Nurse's Secret

by Amanda Skenandore
Readers will love this story's many layers and intriguing characters. Una, lacking in social skills and education, was clever, determined, and a seasoned pick-pocket. And, when accused of murder, she finds a unique way to hide from the police. It's an atmospheric and entertaining book. The author does an excellent job of transporting you to the 1880s and the slums of New York. She also gives us some fantastic insight into the beginning of the first nursing school.The Nurse's Secret by Amanda Skenandore #historicalfiction,  #reading, #BooksToRead,  #reading, #books,#booksforwomen,#nursing,#bookreview, #thenursesSecret, #amandaskenandore

Praise For This Book

"Amanda Skenandore dazzles us with a spellbinding story, a vividly drawn setting, and characters that leap off the pages. I was fascinated from start to finish and could not put this book down. This is historical fiction at its finest!" -Sara Ackerman, USA Today bestselling author of The Codebreaker's Secret on The Nurse's Secret

Praise for Amanda Skenandore

"In this superior historical from Skenandore, the wife of a 1920s Hollywood actor is transformed by the news of a medical diagnosis... Skenandore makes plausible Mirielle's metamorphosis from Hollywood socialite to active, caring member of the Carville community. The author's diligent research, as well as her empathetic depiction of those subjected to forced medical isolation, make this a winner." -Publishers Weekly on The Second Life of Mirielle West

"Scrupulous in her research and practically clairvoyant in her choice of urgent subjects - from the Indigenous boarding schools of her first novel to the disease and quarantine of The Second Life of Mirielle West - historical novelist Amanda Skenandore has quietly become one of the valley's finest authors." -The Las Vegas Review Journal

"Despite being a fictional work, in her book The Second Life of Mirielle West Amanda Skenandore has used her medical background as a registered nurse-and her storytelling skills as a writer-to describe the sorrows experienced by patients with leprosy who were quarantined at the Carville Leper Home." -The Lancet

"Effie's community of freedmen and Creoles in Reconstruction New Orleans is unforgettable. Skenandore's second novel is recommended for readers who enjoy medical historical fiction reminiscent of Diane McKinney-Whetstone's Lazaretto, and historical fiction with interpersonal drama." -Library Journal on The Undertaker's Assistant

"Our immersion in that world--from the particulars of baking marble cake to the grisly minutiae of embalming corpses to the messy and violent politics of the Reconstruction South--is so complete that the reader never doubts it once existed. That said, one of this novel's many virtues is how it subtly conveys how many black citizens in the post-Civil War era took it upon themselves to improve their own lives." -Historical Novels Review on The Undertaker's Assistant

"Readers who like complex characters amid a roiling historical setting will be fascinated by Effie's quest...Teen readers who are not turned off by the embalming details will empathize with a young woman's search for identity and love." -Booklist on The Undertaker's Assistant

"Did you know there was a leper colony in the US? I didn't! This fascinating tale of a movie star's wife forced into a leper colony in the 1920's was eye-opening and shockingly relevant. Mirielle's journey with this incredibly stigmatized disease is heart wrenching, and poignant. This would make an excellent book club pick as you will want to discuss this one!" -Carrie Deming, The Dog Eared Book (Palmyra, NY) on The Second Life of Mirielle West

"Intensely emotional...Skenandore's deeply introspective and moving novel will appeal to readers of American history, particularly those interested in the dynamics behind the misguided efforts of white people to better the lives Native American by forcing them to adopt white cultural mores." -Publishers Weekly on Between Earth and Sky

"By describing its costs in human terms, the author shapes tension between whites and Native Americans into a touching story. The title of Skenandore's debut could refer to reality and dreams, or to love and betrayal; all are present in this highly original novel." -Booklist on Between Earth and Sky

"A heartbreaking story about the destructive legacy of the forced assimilation of Native American children. Historical fiction readers and book discussion groups will find much to ponder here." -Library Journal on Between Earth and Sky

"Gripping and beautifully written, Between Earth and Sky tugs at the heart with its dynamic heroine and unique cast of characters. Though this novel brings alive two historical American eras and settings, the story is achingly modern, universal and important." -Karen Harper, New York Times bestselling author of The It Girls on Between Earth and Sky

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